Painted Skin: The Resurrection

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Painted Skin: The Resurrection
Release Date: 17 August 2012
Genre: Fantasy | Mystery | Romance
Stars: Xun Zhou, Kun Chen and Wei Zhao
Quality: 720p HDTV
Encoder: -
Source: 1080p HDTV x264
Release Info: NFO
Subtitle: English Hardsub
Breakthrough story nothing compared to the one but thanks to visual effects elaborately staged than the same appeal from Zhao Wei Zhou Xun – Chen Kun – Ocean Mich., ‘Painted Skin 2′ still room bumper easily . In 2008, the United packaging – film bureaucracy son of Chinese cinema – the debut has achieved great success in terms of revenue. Simply this is her first film where the two famous Chinese New Year, Zhao Wei and Zhou Xun, close together is a sentence elements. The presence of Chen Kun create a tragic love triangle with loads of hot scene makes it imports become an uncomfortable one can “resist”. After four years, the three Zhao Zhou – Chen Kun further back in Painted Skin 2, with the emergence of a new beauty is Ocean Mich., who owns large teen fan base. Painted Skin 2 , Zhou Xun as Xiao Wei, a lake ly cultivated for thousands of years, being held under the lake ice by gender violates the principle of love. One day, Article love Stripping Children (Ocean Mich.) broke the lake ice and release the State of Wei. To become, Xiao Wei to find someone to voluntarily dedicate her heart. The encounter with the princess (Zhao Wei) makes the desire to become the State of Wei has become stronger than ever. Static Princess owns my heart hot, can heat and melt the ice.
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